Efficient recommended MVPA obtainmentfor school children and teenagers

about project

"Efficient recommended MVPA obtainment for school children and teenagers"

After first project „HIP Ya“, Athletic club „ASK“-Split and partners ( AK „BOR“-Trieste, IT AK „OLYMP“- Brno, CZ, AK“ ARAK“- Szekesfeherva HU, Science and research center Koper- SI, AK „KOPER“, Koper, SI) will start with another project which rely on previous project. Basic objective of the project is to increase the activity in class physical education. Several studies reported that the PE classes provide little contribution to accepted minimal standards for children. More than 16 minutes  PI and only 9-13 minutes PE classes is in range of MVPA. This clearly demonstrate that during PE classes children and young people fails to reach 50% MVPA ( about 22.5 minutes).

To increase the activity in class physical education we meaning this project. Each partner works with demo group ( athletes in club) and they work on different activities like is speed,strength, ball games, power, endurance, coordination. After the measurements as doing in demo group, coaches are going in classes and doing same activities with children in class. At first meeting we will agree which club do some activities and then we start with demo group and class children. For the duration of the project we will have three camps and four meetings where we will have PA assessments, correction and public demonstration in a local school and video footage. For project we take the children 12-15 years old.

Each of partners has got one of activities:
1. AK „ASK“, Split  CRO   - speed
2. AK „KOPER“, Koper, SI    - stamina
3. AK „ARAK“, Szekesfehervar, HU   - flexibility
4. AK „BOR“, Trieste, IT  - strength
5. AK „OLYMP BRNO“, Brno, CZ  - coordination

Every partners must have one competition. During the above-mentioned camps the video footage will be done ( up to 1 to 2 hours of materials in order to make 10-15 minutes long video) during the last three days of the camps. Production and post production will be done in subcontractor's stadium. All video will have subtitles in English.
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