Efficient recommended MVPA obtainmentfor school children and teenagers

1Training camp

Makarska, 08. - 15.04.2017.

Training camps

The First camp in Makarska is over. It was wonderful and done it all according to plan. Every partners was doing one hour PE like speed, ball, stamina, frequency. Thanks for oure partners from Hungary AK "Arak"- Szekesfehervar, Italy AK "Bor"- Trieste, Slovenija AK" Koper"- Koper, Czech AK "- Brno" and Croatia AK "ASK"- Split, and special thanks for BoĊĦtjan from "Science and research center Koper". Every partners successfully completed hour of PE. We have up to 50% of activity on hour of PE. All results we will put on web.


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