Efficient recommended MVPA obtainmentfor school children and teenagers

I. Meeting


Efficient recommended MVPA obtainment for school children and teenagers

Under the contract with the European Commission , on  22–23 .01.2017. Basovizza (Italy), held the first meeting of the partners in this project .
The meeting was attended by all partners with a total of 19 representatives.

1. Introduction to the project and project presentation
2. Choice of the Steering Committee of the Project
3. Finance , transfer of funds , spending and justify expenses
4. The manner of functioning and relationships between partners
5. Determination of the date of camp
6. Determination of activites for each club
7. Miscellaneous

1. Prof. Bostjan Šimunić is present project (  Efficient recommended MVPA obtainment for school children and teenagers)
2. The formation of the Steering Committee of the Project

After introducing the project partners , established the Project team which are delegated :
- IVAN VEŠTIĆ, " ASK " Split , project leader and chairman of the board
- IVANKA MIHANOVIĆ, " ASK " Split, financial manager and administrator; experience in financial managment of EU projects
- BOŠTJAN ŠIMUNIĆ " SCIENCE AND RESEARCH CENTRE KOPER ", Koper, associated; reasecher, experience with drafting policy papers in the area of PA and PE
- MITJA KALC, AK " BOR ", Bor, head coach
- MIHAL POGANY , AK " OLYMP BRNO ", Brno, head coach
- ELOD TOLGYESI , AK " ARAK ", Szekesfehervar, head coach
- ANDREY GRŽENTIĆ, „AK KOPER“, Koper, head coach
3. In relation to the proposed financing plan, the partners have had a number of comments and suggestions . It was agreed that the " ASK " Split as the project consult all partners and propose a new specification of the cost, all within a stipulated amount from the European Commission .
4. For contractual amounts " ASK " to the partners to sign the contracts, which will define the dynamics of transferring money and justify expenses .
" ASK " all partners will assist in the proper expenditure of funds and justify , how does this contract requires. It was also concluded that of all the problems in good time talking, in order to timely resolve.

5. The Committee concluded that in accordance with the Project have three more meetings.
It was concluded that each partner will do everything in his obligation to this project succeeds and thus justify the confidence that we have received from the European Commission .
It was concluded that the first training camp held in Makarska from 08 to 15.04.2017.,   second training camp in January 2018 in Szekesfehervar and third camp in April 2018 in Makarska.

6. It was also concluded at the last three days in camps will be production 15 video clips. The plan is to hold first  camp and seconde meeting in Makarska, which will be before the committee to arrange the camp in Makarska .
Makarska will form a team of experts in the project , which will be 1-2 coaches from each of the clubs and 10 athlets ( DEMO TEAM). We degree about activity for first camp:
AK „ASK“-Split- speed
AK „OLYMP BRNO“-Brno- coordination
AK „KOPER“, Koper- stamina
AK „BOR“,Trst- strenght
AK „ARAK“- Szekesfehervar- flexibility

7. After Kick off meeting 01.02.2017.y. in Brussels, athletic club „ASK“- Split will inform partners aboat Kick of meeting.  Athletic club „ASK“- Split will pay to partners first part of budget.

President of the Board
Ivan Veštić

List of participants in the first meeting

1. Cesar Biserka- AK „Bor“, Trieste
2. Meulia Silva- AK „Bor“, Trieste
3. Foraus Allesandra- AK „Bor“, Trieste
4. Križman Bruno- AK „Bor“,Trieste
5. Pučnik Gorazd- AK „Bor“, Trieste
6. Volmut Tadeja- SRC, Koper
7. Pišot Saša-SRC, - SRC, Koper
8. Franković Klaudija, AK „Koper“, Koper
9. Josef Sečkar- AK „ OLY BRNO“, Brno
10. Tomislav Vranić- AK „ ASK“, Split
11.  Tonći Rubić- „ASK“ Split
12.  Danijela Mihanović-AK „ASK“, Split
Kick off meeting Trieste (.pptx)


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