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II. Meeting

11. & 13.04.2017.
Within the first camp we held the second meeting, where we agree to further obligations of each partners and we determined the date of second camp in Hungary, camp will held 02.01.2018 to 08.01.2018.y. Also on meeting we discussed the problems surrounding the use of the stadium in Makarska. We commended results of all partners what we get on working hour of PE. On last day we agree a new tasks for all partners, what shall we do on hour of PE.

1. Determination of activites for each club in first camp
2. Determination of activites for each club for second camp
3. Schedule of training for each club
4. Determination of the date of camp

1. Determination of activites for each club in first camp. Partners on the first camp was do next obligation on hour of physical education:
1. AK „ASK“-Split- speed
2. AK „OLYMP BRNO“-Brno- coordination
3. AK „KOPER“, Koper- endurance
4. AK „BOR“,Trst- strength
5. AK „ARAK“- Szekesfehervar- flexibility

2. PE aims agreed for the second camp:

1. AK „ASK“-Split- agility, quickness,
2.“AK „OLYMP BRNO“-Brno- exercises for long jump and high jump
3. AK „KOPER“, Koper- runniny technic
4. AK „BOR“,Trieste- plyometric
5. AK „ARAK“- Szekesfehervar- hurdles

3. We aggree in which hours we will train and when we will record hour of PE for every partners. Every partner had two training by day, one in the morning and one afternoon.

4. Next camp will held in Szekesfehervar in 02-09.January 2018.y.

Number of participans per each club is:
1. Mitja Kalc - AK”BOR”- Trieste
2. Andrej Gržentić- AK “KOPER”-Koper
3. Klaudij Franković- AK”KOPER”-Koper
4. Boštjan Šimunić- ZRS “KOPER- Koper
5. Nika Gržentić – AK “BOR”-Trieste
6. Peter Skouman- AK”ARAK”- Szekesfehervar
7. Elod Tolgesy- AK”ARAK”- Szekesfehervar
8. Josef Seckar- AK “OLIMP BRNO”- Brno
9. Michal Pogany- AK “OLIMP BRNO”- Brno
10. Tonći Rubić- AK “ASK”-Split
11. Ivanka Mihanović-AK “ASK”-Split
12. Danijela Mihanović-AK”ASK”-Split
13. Ivan Veštić- AK”ASK”-Split
14. Tomislav Vranić-AK”ASK”-Split
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